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lovely sound, needs a little finagling
February 01, 2022
My friend had this fountain and I just loved it. When mine arrived there were some issues and I contacted Woodstock right away . They wer...
Dolly W.Review provided by chimes.com
I miss the lovely sound馃槦
March 25, 2021
I have had this fountain for several years. When I first got it, the bells made such a lovely sound. As time went on, I noticed the bells...
Sharon R.Review provided by chimes.com
Works and sounds beautifully!
April 12, 2021
This is a beautiful sounding set. It took me a couple of weeks of messing with the water pressure and turning the center piece, increasin...
Keri S.Review provided by chimes.com
Love the Flow of water, very quiet, copper COLOR.
March 10, 2019
Love the flow of water, attractive accent for your home. But is not a copper bowl, as color has rubbed off inside of bowl. I added small ...
NezzReview provided by walmart.com
The fountain is beautiful but hardly hear chimes
June 24, 2020
The fountain is lovely . I enjoy watching it but I hardly hear the bells . I have to stand right next to it to hear the chiming . I have ...
Review provided by chimes.com
November 15, 2011
It took me about 15 minutes, including unpacking, to get this put together and working. It creates a zen-like spa effect in our master ba...
Jaded PrincessReview provided by Hayneedle
Beautiful fountain with a lovely sound, but the pump only lasted about six months!
April 23, 2020
This was a gift, and we've really enjoyed it, using only distilled water and being careful to keep it filled. But, the pump is suddenly f...
Review provided by chimes.com
October 05, 2012
It took more adjusting than I realized to get the right water flow. The floating bells still do not hit on all of the stabilized bells. I...
Claire AReview provided by Hayneedle
beautiful sound!
October 22, 2017
Love this fountain! The little bells get stuck going around and I can't seem to find a solution for that. The company sent new ones and t...
MargoReview provided by Hayneedle
Beautiful fountain
May 20, 2008
I have this set up in my exercise area. I use it when I meditate & do yoga. I also just leave it on when I am home as I can hear the bell...
HJReview provided by Hayneedle
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