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Just not worth it.
December 29, 2016
The brass is beautiful, that's where it ends. Every other part on this item is cheap and barely works. The floating cups that circle the ...
jake13wrx · Review provided by ebay.com
Woodstock Water Bell Fountain
October 02, 2008
I use this inside the house. I like the size of the fountain. The material for chimes need to be refined. they are tinny and the position...
wmahoney · Review provided by Hayneedle
A bit disappointed
July 11, 2007
I was very disappointed with this fountain. Basically there are two floating chimes that circle around & around the outer edge of this bo...
Pam the massage therapist. · Review provided by Hayneedle
February 10, 2011
"Zannen deshita", mean I am disappointed. After a great deal of FUTZING, I still can't get the flow of water to increase enough to make t...
Josefina · Review provided by Hayneedle
Disappointing Water Bell Fountain
July 15, 2011
I was disappointed with the fountain, it was hard to adjust the water flow so the floating bells would move around the bowl for the "chim...
Ali · Review provided by Hayneedle
January 30, 2007
I had high hopes; love the sounds it makes when it runs properly. Needs continual attention; water runs low, chimes slow or stop; the cop...
Elaine · Review provided by Hayneedle
Looks better in pictures than person
November 05, 2007
The idea of this fountain sounds wonderful. However, it does not live up to its description. Quality & craftmanship lacking.
Alex · Review provided by Hayneedle
Very disappointing
February 10, 2021
Poor quality, ineffective pump
JT · Review provided by vivaterra.com
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