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Instinct Boots
October 14, 2021
I couldn't get the boots buckled - would not fit around my calves. I believe the buckles are not easy to use and kind of cheap. Sorry - b...
Kenneth M. · Review provided by foxracing.com
August 27, 2018
I ordered these boots because my comp 5 are now beat. I loved every part of them. I put them on and still loved them UNTIL I bent my foot...
Stephen · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
Not for long legs!
November 29, 2019
These dug into my calf so bad I could not stand to wear them for more than one minute. I am 6'4" and have long calfs. I couldn't bear to ...
Austin · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
sole rubber too soft
August 16, 2018
After 1 ride I noticed the rubber compound of the boot sole gets too malleable/soft and my break lever was gouging out the sole and after...
Chino · Review provided by fortnine.ca
Broke on first ride
April 18, 2020
Comfortable but the boot ripped on first ride
Kawai · Review provided by revzilla.com
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