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poor battery life, writes when not touching screen
October 12, 2021
I've had this pen for almost a year to use with my Lenovo Duet. I don't use the Duet often, much less with this pen, so I was surprised w...
sam is tired of this · Review provided by lenovo.com
Critically flawed
January 18, 2021
Brought and used with Lenovo Duet Chromebook. Stylus is well built and looks sleek. Initially worked fine for the first 2-3 days but then...
Soban · Review provided by lenovo.com
BEWARE! Terrible product and service
December 10, 2020
BEWARE: Tho some seem to have it working, many people have found this stylus to not work! It's very poor quality engineering. For drawing...
KarlG · Review provided by lenovo.com
good for the first week, terrible there after
January 15, 2021
I bought this product a month ago and was very pleased during the first week. It was easy to use, felt great in my hand and the sensitivi...
cuellar · Review provided by lenovo.com
October 23, 2021
Pen is too sensitive, starts marking the page from an inch away, impossible to draw or write neatly with. Also took almost a month and a ...
This pen is trash · Review provided by lenovo.com
Does Not Work
March 11, 2021
I received this from Lenovo's direct website to use on my new Lenovo Chromebook Duet. The pen did not work out of the box. After fiddling...
cspeacock · Review provided by lenovo.com
Defective pen was shipped to me.
February 05, 2022
Hard to review this pen when it was defective. The cap was missing the spring that connects the negative battery terminal to the housing....
Gilles the engineer · Review provided by lenovo.com
Falls apart out of box, doesn't work on my Slate
September 25, 2020
So JUST got this out of the post. Had to unscrew the top to take the little separator out from the battery. First thing--spring goes fall...
hockeytech · Review provided by lenovo.com
February 23, 2021
I purchased this item about 2 weeks ago for my Chromebook duet, and it already stopped working. When drawing a straight line the pen does...
User11111 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Absolute piece of junk
May 25, 2021
Just received this and it is awful. It starts working about 1 cm above the screen. Can get it to Mostly work with Squid, but anything els...
pHouston · Review provided by lenovo.com
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