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Really great stylus. Easy to use & works perfectly
February 01, 2022
Great stylus! It really does make all the difference when drawing and writing on a tablet! It's so easy anyone can use it because you lit...
KyMom · Review provided by lenovo.com
Lenovo Active Pen 2
January 07, 2022
Who it’s for: Those in search of the best possible stylus for Lenovo. The Active Pen 2 by lenovo is the most compatible stylus and is for...
stx4by4 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great alternative pen for 300e(AMD) Windows Laptop
September 19, 2022
I recently bought a 300e (AMD) Windows laptop which didn't come with the stowable pen option. Searching through the Lenovo online store I...
JSCS · Review provided by lenovo.com
ThinkPad Pen Pro for ThinkPad 11e Yoga 5th Ge
January 15, 2023
I did not realize that this pen is included with the laptop I am buying - the website stated that the pen is "optional", so I ended up pu...
Tead · Review provided by lenovo.com
Harmony with a Lenovo i7 Yoga
December 16, 2021
We use this with the i7 Yoga. To move up to a computer where the pen was included would have been a jump in price, so we decided to go wi...
Homeschool Pops · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great pen for chromebooks... draw away
April 12, 2021
I recently bought my young daughter a new Acer Spin 730 chromebook for home schooling, which doesn't come with a pen. She is very much in...
LASHWORTH · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great tool, more useful than I thought!
November 08, 2022
I bought the Active Pen 2 for drawing and partially as as novelty. I did not realize how useful it would be for general use. I like to pl...
Mrflark · Review provided by lenovo.com
Smooth and Comfortable
March 10, 2021
This pen writes very smoothly. As both graduate student and TA, I am a huge proponent of handwritten notes with pen and paper, so I have ...
Ginny · Review provided by lenovo.com
Reliable active pen with high pressur sensitivity.
October 10, 2022
Excellent product, easy to use, pen tech and pressure sensitivity comparable to Microsoft Surface pens. This pen is primarily used for le...
Francine L · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great Pen
December 05, 2022
I bought this pen to replace my old pen as it was run by battery and was very inconsistent. This pen has amazing consistency, and I've on...
Mercury14 · Review provided by lenovo.com
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