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Great little refrigerator!
May 22, 2021
With the appliance shortage, my main refrigerator went out 6 months ago and not repairable, so I ordered a new refrigerator, but it may n...
Jayman · Review provided by Target
July 20, 2022
I recently sprained my ankle and I cannot walk. I was looking for a fridge for my room and I purchased this at target. This fridge is ama...
sandra.p · Review provided by influenster.com
Great Mini Fridge
March 13, 2022
Works great! Didn’t come damaged or anything bad. I recommend doing an in store pick-up, or drive-up to avoid receiving it with dents. Th...
Jordan · Review provided by Target
Great fridge And pretty good deal
May 10, 2022
It is a little loud when it’s cooling down but I have it on a pretty cold setting. The good thing is it’s not a consistent noise, just wh...
Sav · Review provided by Target
Perfect fridge /Freezer
March 19, 2022
I needed to replace my Salon Refrigerator/Freezer . I took a chance and I'm extremely satisfied with the size , it's capacity. Keeps ever...
MsV · Review provided by bjs.com
July 19, 2020
My husband and I bought this mini fridge for our travel trailer. We stay in Miami for months on-end in the middle of summer and our Domet...
shannon.l · Review provided by influenster.com
An Excellent Choice
August 03, 2022
We love this mini fridge! Got it for my son's dorm. It holds lots of drinks and plenty of food. The freezer is small but he won't be usin...
Excellent Mini Fridge · Review provided by Target
4.3 cubit ft compact refrigerator.
December 27, 2020
My kitchen fridge broke and a replacement isn’t available for 3 months due to Covid and border issues. This little fridge, plus a cooler ...
Judith BC Canada · Review provided by homedepot.ca
This is just about perfect as it gets!
January 16, 2022
This is the perfect size for the at home office or the actual "at work" office. There is plenty of space on the shelves for lunches and s...
Gidget · Review provided by bjs.com
Cool Breeze
April 12, 2022
So far So good. This is replacing the one that just died.. It came with a small dent on the side, eventhough it was packed securely. It a...
GiftGiver · Review provided by Target
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