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Algae Fix in an outstanding product!
April 12, 2021
I had a sudden (to me) significant problem with the green string algae in a moderately large pond. The pump started "gasping" and did so ...
Mary · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Brilliant Product
April 23, 2022
I have tried numerous other algae control solutions over many years and this is hands down the best and only one that works. I don't do m...
Anna M · Review provided by petcircle.com.au
Beware if you Have Live Fish
March 23, 2020
Please be careful with this if you have Fish! All Algae Removers are chemicals and harmful for fish. Please Read Full Label & use at disc...
vanitygirlboutique · Review provided by ebay.com
October 28, 2020
This is our second time using this product. When we used it in August we had no issues and it quickly killed our algae. This time it not ...
Shadabrata · Review provided by petco.com
Great for clearing pond water and string algae.
February 02, 2019
String algae which I have never had before clinging to sides of pond and rocks and the water was getting rather murky. Semi drained koi p...
salmonsmoked · Review provided by ebay.com
Works like a charm if you use as directed
May 11, 2020
We aquired a home with a 3,800 gallon koi/goldfish pond and a 400 gallon filter tank. I seriously wish I had taken before and after photo...
jessicamarie760 · Review provided by petco.com
The string algae disappeared quickly!
May 25, 2017
I have an 8,000 gallon pond with a long waterfall. I have been struggling with keeping the string algae under control. Finally I had to r...
CPPatterson · Review provided by petco.com
Cleared Up My Koi Pond!
May 30, 2018
I bought Algaefix 10 days ago because the algae was taking over my koi pond. As recommended on the bottle, I treated the water on Day 1 a...
aberry · Review provided by petco.com
Works as advertised
August 17, 2017
Our pond was struggling with algae - to the point where our filter baskets were clogging multiple times a day. After cleaning the pond, w...
algaehater · Review provided by petco.com
Great for Ongoing Use
July 23, 2022
I use this product year round to keep algae out of the water. I grow water lilies and it does not interfere with the eco balance that the...
Roki · Review provided by petcircle.com.au
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