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Good laptop for the tech-savvy
April 26, 2022
My laptop included a charger. This is not a laptop which I would recommend to someone who does not understand computers. If you need cust...
Lisa · Review provided by walmart.com
Perfect travel/secondary laptop
February 06, 2023
I bought the black version of this as a travel computer. It's a nice little device and is surprisingly fast for having such low specs -- ...
dpenta · Review provided by walmart.com
Mostly positive.
January 29, 2023
A decent notebook for the price ($159 in my case). Not lightning fast but perfect for surfing internet, watching video and checking mail....
Richard · Review provided by walmart.com
The Windows you know. Good value. Wi-Fi is weak.
August 13, 2021
It's a good machine. It's Windows so it's never going to work right, that's just a given these days. But you probably already know what y...
Pete · Review provided by walmart.com
The Gateway 2 in 1 is a good purchase
December 22, 2022
It's very functional, compact, well designed and so far performs very well - I have only used it a few days. Overall I recommend this com...
Wilma · Review provided by walmart.com
Better for work than for games
November 28, 2022
I ordered this, and it works. It's good for playing low end games, but there's only 4gb of ram and it runs really slow for bigger games. ...
Cloud Alvarado (StormSavage200) · Review provided by Google
This is a great budget computer/tablet win win
December 12, 2021
this is a great budget computer. I use it mainly to surf the web in tablet mode but its handy to be able to flip it around and use the ke...
Bill · Review provided by walmart.com
Great for the price
December 24, 2022
I bought this laptop for college, I don’t expect to be doing any gaming with it. The first thing I noticed while unboxing it, is how well...
Tony · Review provided by walmart.com
Minor issues but otherwise a great buy!
September 01, 2022
I was really surprised to read all the negative reviews on this laptop. I bought this computer for school a few days ago prior to reading...
Cate · Review provided by walmart.com
Nice 2 in 1 for home use
January 26, 2022
I really like the size of this laptop. It is small, but that is what I like. I do not find it hard to type on at all. I love that it come...
Patty · Review provided by walmart.com
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