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Horrible Product
January 28, 2023
I bought this a few months ago, and there is so many issues. The very bottom pixel on the display is cut off, it's like the panel is just...
Mitch123 · Review provided by samsung.com
Don't buy it.
October 08, 2022
Started out thinking I bought a great monitor. Not so. Monitor doesn't always connect to computer when it boots up. It will lose connecti...
Used_to_be_a_fan · Review provided by samsung.com
Horrible in so many ways
July 09, 2021
ok, price ~$600.........expect something to meet that price point. not this, by any means. 1. stand is horrible, monitor moves on any vib...
Steve · Review provided by samsung.com
Very unpleasant experience
March 02, 2023
The monitor was purchased with a warranty. After 3 months of use, a red pixel appeared in the center of the screen, which is really visib...
AshLV · Review provided by samsung.com
Dont get if gaming on console
May 10, 2022
I bought this a 6 months ago and have returned multiple times to have repaired as the monitor will just turn off and on making gaming com...
Chey · Review provided by samsung.com
Not stable
September 06, 2022
not so good monitor. although the color seems alright, this monitor is not stable. using this as a second screen and after locking the sc...
JTEmer · Review provided by samsung.com
Dead Pixel After 3 Months
September 13, 2021
i paid nearly $600 for this monitor and i have a stuck red pixel on the right side of the screen about 2 inches in -- yeah it's pathetic ...
Dustin · Review provided by samsung.com
Not for Xbox one x consoles
August 13, 2021
Will only play 120hz at 1080p and 60hz at 1440p. Poor quality display. Washed out colours. And the curve is too much and makes it look li...
Fkfkfkrmmrkfoeooeiri · Review provided by samsung.com
Not good enough
February 11, 2023
The monitor I bought from Pccg Samsung odessy G5, is terrible. It keeps switching outputs ramdomly even with autoswitch off and the scree...
· Review provided by pccasegear.com
Sam's review of Samsung Odyssey G5 27 QHD VA Curved LED Monitor
January 18, 2021
Pros: Good picture quality. Cons: Poor brightness. Build quality is below par/plastic. Navigation toggle small and incredibly fiddly. My ...
Sam · Review provided by Currys
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