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April 26, 2022
It looks great up close, but I was surprised that it was actually "concave" in the opposite direction than you would expect to fit a roun...
Dave · Review provided by wayfair.ca
September 17, 2022
I’ve had this on my tree in the backyard for a couple years now. It still looks amazing. Adds a really nice whimsical touch.
Debra · Review provided by wayfair.ca
A great addition to my backyard...
June 30, 2013
I love these tree statues. It's too bad there are only a couple of designs as they certainly enhance my backyard trees. My only negative ...
Anella · Review provided by wayfair.ca
March 14, 2022
Easy to install and the granbabies love this guy watching over their Fairy Garden. Oh and its been through a hurricane and stayed strong
Patricia · Review provided by wayfair.com
July 24, 2022
This item is kind of pricey but it looks really cool in my backyard with a little spotlight on it. Very eerie look.
Cathryn · Review provided by wayfair.ca
September 21, 2022
I think this is the coolest thing for our tree in front of our house. I'm planning on leaving it on a year round and not just for Halloween
Krista · Review provided by wayfair.ca
July 12, 2021
He’s pretty cool dude! Looks much better on a lower trunk of the tree because the facial features are large & over powers smaller branches.
Cindy · Review provided by wayfair.com
November 24, 2020
Loved the scary look of this "mask" but does not match tree colours and had to alter the colour with spray paint. It was a little difficu...
Jennifer · Review provided by wayfair.ca
May 06, 2022
Love it. Pick spot for it. Catches peoples attention.
Sheila. · Review provided by wayfair.com
February 12, 2022
Pretty cheap feeling but once we put it on the tree and we trained vines around it - a real conversation piece.
Jennifer · Review provided by wayfair.ca
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