29 reviews
Very powerful pump. Works really well.
November 21, 2020
I bought this pump on the recommendation of a Pondguy staff member based on some calculations she did for me. The existing pump on my wat...
Cindy · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Awesome pump
June 21, 2020
This is multi-use for me with a waterfall and a long winding stream. I plumbed it to run the river, the waterfall, or both. Best pump I h...
Artisan Home Repair · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Easy to install and works great
July 22, 2021
This pump works great. Pump was installed in my skimmer, behind filters and under the inlet valve float. and this pump fit perfect and wa...
JR · Review provided by thepondguy.com
This pump is amazing!!
August 11, 2020
I have a 4,000 gallon Koi pond with bio filter waterfalls and an UV clarifier. The pump is mounted in my skimmer box and runs 24/7. Wow, ...
Key · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Very happy with the pump
May 31, 2021
We were actually surprised how strong the pulp was. Love the design it helps with clogging and slowing the pump. Very happy with the purc...
Margarete · Review provided by thepondguy.com
great pump
June 18, 2022
After salamanders blocked the intake for some time, our old OASE gave up - after 15 years. We replaced it with another of the same! Great...
Sherry P. · Review provided by pondsonline.ca
Works Perfect
July 30, 2020
I bought the pump for what I measured as an 18' vertical height from where the pump would be in my pond to where the waterfall would begi...
Joe Q · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Works great for a small waterfall in a pond.
August 11, 2021
I had to replace an Oase pump that was 15 years old and picked this model. It works great to pump up about 5 feet to a waterfall in a sma...
Mark H · Review provided by thepondguy.com
I would buy again if needed.
May 11, 2020
The pump is working great in my garden pond with a waterfall. It was easy to connect the hose,placed it in the bottom of an old nursery s...
Diana hooked on fairy gardening · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Great pump in a small package!!
August 31, 2021
This is a compact pump that packs a mighty quantity. I use it with a 6' waterfall and don't notice any reduction of flow. Love it!
BJ · Review provided by thepondguy.com
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