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Does many things with mixed results
January 05, 2022
Speakers: DALI OBERON 1 (No sub-woofer) Turntable: Elipson Chroma 400 TV: LG via HDMI ARC Bought for the family snug, so a mixture of TV,...
Captain Scarlett · Review provided by richersounds.com
Very frustrating and annoying
March 18, 2021
I only have a Freeview box and turntable connected. The TV is connected via the ARC HDMI input. I have had a lot of problems using anythi...
mickpjack · Review provided by richersounds.com
Great sound but that’s it
September 20, 2021
Collected this today . The sound is great but the HEOS app does not work when trying to stream music from iCloud . I don’t download any m...
Simonio1 · Review provided by richersounds.com
for the price it would not power my 4 ohm speakers
January 15, 2020
if you are using modern speakers, it might be ok? i think this was designed as home theater and light audio use. i could not recommend to...
douglas · Review provided by nfm.com
Enormous, with dodgy power cables
December 08, 2020
This thing is about 4 times the size of what I had before, and the power input cables are so loose fitting I'm gonna need some blu-tack o...
PagetJW · Review provided by richersounds.com
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