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The Deadliest Bounty Hunter
July 30, 2022
It’s such an awesome figure. I’d do 5 stars but I was slightly bummed about the size. That’s my fault though because of the description. ...
Steve v. · Review provided by hasbropulse.com
Packaging could have been better
August 06, 2022
The majority of us are collectors, so I was confused that we could not see the figure through the box. On a good not once I did open it, ...
Joaquin D. · Review provided by hasbropulse.com
VC all the way !!
August 01, 2022
I've had several issues with my Hasbro pulse merchandise. Fortunately this order went well. Hopefully they can do better and all merchand...
James G. · Review provided by hasbropulse.com
June 10, 2022
I bought this today and it’s pretty good! I think instead of having the stormtrooper helmets it would be better to get Boba Fett’s tusks ...
Yoyo · Review provided by Smyths Toys
Need Bigger Hands
September 02, 2022
I do not see any reason why they cannot enlarge the hands to make these figures better suited for multiple poses but it is still a good f...
Stormbreaker · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Looks really good! Be careful
January 07, 2023
Looks really good! Be careful putting those flames in the jet pack though.
Ethan C. · Review provided by hasbropulse.com
Cool figure love that they were not the usual hand blaster or light saber accessories.
July 31, 2022
Although the figures and package were undamaged the packing could have been tighter.
Robert H. · Review provided by hasbropulse.com
December 20, 2022
I understand the reason for changing from single use plastic, but, as many of us are collectors it makes displaying them awkward. Great s...
Russ · Review provided by www.zavvi.com
Boba's your uncle
December 12, 2022
A nice sculpt and detailed replica figure Not keenbon the new packaging style but the figure and accessories are great
Nicholas · Review provided by www.zavvi.com
Great new packaging. Came slightly
July 30, 2022
Great new packaging. Came slightly warped otherwise 5/5.
Nate D. · Review provided by hasbropulse.com
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