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Too cold or not cold enough
September 13, 2021
I like it. It is small but roomy, the fresh vegetables boxes are big consider the size of the fridge. The trays at the door and the shelv...
JLoh · Review provided by homedepot.ca
December 20, 2021
I bought this fridge in spring. Remember magic chef being a simple reliable brand. What a bunch of garbage. The top freezer hasn’t worked...
Eddiesmeats · Review provided by homedepot.ca
Good little fridge
July 28, 2021
Nice little, inexpensive fridge, work very well 2 months from buy. Only downside were: when swapping the door side, the bolt were so tigh...
Customer 101 · Review provided by homedepot.ca
A good value small fridge
June 22, 2020
The price is right on this one, and it runs quietly. Looks nice without a handle. Warning, don't try to reverse the door, it says it is r...
Curtis H · Review provided by homedepot.ca
Perfect apartment-sized fridge
November 28, 2021
I recently purchased this for my childcare facility and it’s been fabulous. Way more roomy than it looks. I love that it’s small enough t...
Jenn · Review provided by homedepot.ca
Big problem not able to fix, need to get a new one
February 22, 2021
I bought this fridge in March 2019, almost 2 yrs and it stopped working. I called Magic Chef and they said they could only replace the co...
Carlos 2021 · Review provided by homedepot.ca
Excellent fridge from Magic Chef!!
June 25, 2021
Perfect apartment size fridge, works great keeps food cold and has proper flat shelves unlike today’s fancy fridges. If you’re looking fo...
JayF · Review provided by homedepot.ca
Little fridge but big fridge features
August 02, 2022
It is easy to install and to clean. Suits our needs, if you are living in a small place this is a great appliance to have.
Dunn · Review provided by homedepot.ca
Terrible Fridge
February 07, 2022
I would not recommend this fridge! We purchased as an extra for the house - it does not cool properly and the freezer has never worked! C...
Kelly · Review provided by homedepot.ca
November 16, 2020
I replaced my RV dual fridge with this. I don't really need a propane fridge, It takes up more room and has less space. This fridge has m...
daking_427 · Review provided by ebay.com
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