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August 10, 2022
1. I am fascinated with words. I play loads of modern word games like Paperback because of my background with Scrabble and my interest in...
ben.r · Review provided by influenster.com
Saved $60 by buying this used on Ebay! Works perfectly/All parts present. YAY!
August 31, 2022
Saved $60 by buying this used on Ebay! All parts are in like new condition and ALL the pieces are present! (Even a blank sore pad!) Got t...
faminga · Review provided by ebay.com
October 11, 2022
I always loved Scrabble! I grew up playing and then of course introduced it to my kids as well. It's great for helping anyone...not just ...
mary.c · Review provided by influenster.com
July 19, 2022
Scrabble has a children and adults version of their game! Word knowledge and spelling definitely help! Scrabble builds your vocabulary kn...
shannon.w · Review provided by influenster.com
Super nice scrabble board game
March 12, 2022
This is a great Scrabble set.Perfect scrabble game. I'm happy with this scrabble set. It compacts very well and is excellent for travelin...
Pinkz · Review provided by hasbro.com
A Classic!
March 29, 2022
I have not played Scrabble in years, so it was a treat to receive this Hasbro Scrabble game and be able to enjoy a game from my past! Aes...
missykins · Review provided by hasbro.com
My favorite board game
March 09, 2022
I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. I have loved this game since I was a young child, graduating to the app...
Mlf627 · Review provided by hasbro.com
August 17, 2022
What can I say about Scrabble? This game is an absolute classic and for a reason! Still so much fun with absolutely endless possibilities...
george.c · Review provided by influenster.com
April 16, 2022
Main reasons game is worth it: A. Portability and durability. B. Ease of spinning board on a table. C. Tiles remain secure when board is ...
ankita.s · Review provided by influenster.com
August 07, 2022
Scrabble is so much more than a game it was my early introduction to loving words, etymology, and how to fuse this into a fierce competit...
gloria.h · Review provided by influenster.com
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