103 reviews
Completely hyped and over rated
November 28, 2022
Tastes like artificial sweetiners and the Logan Paul hype is completely overblown. There is literally nothing special about this drink. I...
Dan · Review provided by Target
Don't make the same mistake I did.
February 24, 2023
The package was promised on a Wednesday and arrived 2 days late on Friday. The shipping box was flimsy and looked like it was re-packaged...
M · Review provided by walmart.com
I wouldn’t recommend buying blue raspberry
May 01, 2022
I don’t wanna be too harsh but I think it was over hyped got blue raspberry tasted like water with sugar Wallahi the $1 dollar Arizona dr...
Yusuf Abdullahi · Review provided by Google
July 29, 2022
The drink tasted way to sweet and it contains unhealthy sweeteners and artificial flavors even though it is only 25 calories. I would not...
SkullEmoji · Review provided by Target
Bad but the energy type is good
March 10, 2023
Very sweet do not recommend Gatorade better but prime energy is very good.
Nicholas · Review provided by walmart.com
February 02, 2023
The green one kinda reminds me of a zero sugar Gatorade it's odd I don't like it very much but the red one is alright
Evan Meddaugh · Review provided by Google
my bottles came destroyed
May 20, 2023
the prime was good but both my bottles came destroyed
Lochy d. · Review provided by australiansportsnutrition.com.au
Windex like
February 02, 2022
Tasted like windex and smelled like chemicals. I suggest lemon lime, best one no cap
Lost · Review provided by walmart.com
June 28, 2022
it’s so overrated tbh. it tasted very sweet and made me sick
Foxy1505 · Review provided by Google
November 10, 2022
Aren’t all of these revews bots?
· Review provided by australiansportsnutrition.com.au
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