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Awful cpu or maybe a dud
February 22, 2020
I bought a brand new Prime x570-p motherboard. And i pluged in everything and I know for a fsct due to my older system that everything wo...
Anonymous · Review provided by newegg.com
Can't boost to advertised frequencies + issues at launch (some fixed)
August 05, 2019
I probably lost the silicon lottery but I think AMD just didn't deliver what was promised. I got a cpu that runs hot, can go to high volt...
Dimitri D. · Review provided by newegg.com
Dead on Arrival
May 11, 2020
I plug this bad boy in, ready for the increase in performance. Only thing is, nothing is starting. There's power, video card is working, ...
Samuel B. · Review provided by newegg.com
DOA, waste of money, should have stuck with Intel
October 10, 2020
Chip was DOA, after replacing the PSU, troubleshooting the mobo, ended up at 31 days, now have to deal with AMD warranty instead of a New...
Anonymous · Review provided by newegg.com
It stayed for 2 month only
November 30, 2020
I purchased this item then after 2 months It says no signal when I connect the HDMI cable I didnt know the problem my self I went to a st...
Khalid A. · Review provided by newegg.com
William's review of AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Processor
October 25, 2019
Pros: Processor seems to be in a good working condition Cons: Didn't receive the promotional Xbox game passcode, even after waiting 1 month+
William · Review provided by Currys
good product but got a dud
March 24, 2021
i would recommend it but i'm skeptical of quality control due to mine overheating and frying within 48 hours....
Trevor A. · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
Dead in under a week
January 10, 2020
Died in under a week. Initiating the RMA process and looking forward to receiving a functional unit.
ANTHONY M. · Review provided by newegg.com
Newegg screwed me.
April 24, 2020
I tried canceling this order because it was on the wrong card. I canceled it 30 seconds after i bought it late at night so there was no w...
kyst-6771 · Review provided by ebay.com
June 11, 2020
MY 3600X I ORDERED HAS MULTIPLE BENT PINS, I will be returning this shortly, unacceptable...
kwki95 · Review provided by ebay.com
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