119 reviews
Lovely Motivational Treat
April 06, 2023
I was surprised and delighted to find this product carried / offered by Netrition when I placed my last order. I reward myself with one c...
Bonnie N. · Review provided by netrition.com
Why wipe off expiration dates???
May 18, 2023
I ordered 2 - 12pks of Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea Energy Drinks from this seller. All 24 cans had expiration dates wiped off leavin...
Tanya · Review provided by walmart.com
March 09, 2021
One day a friend bought one from local Fred Myers. She posted it on fb and I have to give it a try. Went to the local Fred Myers. Bought ...
K · Review provided by walmart.com
Great taste !
November 26, 2022
Surprised this power drink tastes so good considering its packed with vitamins, yet low in carbs and no sugar. Very refreshing , nice pac...
Darlene D. · Review provided by netrition.com
Smooth and mild tasting Celsius drink
February 26, 2023
This is a smooth tasting Celsius Drink with more of the green tea flavor than the raspberry. It's not too strong or overwhelming. It's ea...
RONALD · Review provided by staples.com
I love the Sparkling Grape
March 13, 2021
I love the Sparkling Grape Rush, Peach Vibe (Limited Edition flavor), Fuji Apple Pear, and Kiwi Guava! They're very delicious and refresh...
· Review provided by netrition.com
May 30, 2022
I didn’t realize it was non-carbonated until I had my first taste. I didn’t realize there was a non-carbonated version. Some people may p...
Jeffrey · Review provided by walmart.com
CELSIUS Essential Energy Drink
September 28, 2022
This energy drink is wonderful! No carbonation (so no "burping"), no jitters or crash feeling and tastes Great! and at Walmart's sale pri...
KAK · Review provided by walmart.com
Great drink however 1 can was empty upon arrival.
January 21, 2021
One of the 12 cans was completely empty upon arrival. It appears that this happened well before Walmart boxed it up and sent it to me as ...
Christopher · Review provided by walmart.com
Great Tea with caffeine.
December 15, 2019
Great tasting with lots of flavor choices. A good burst of energy in the morning to substitute for coffee. It has caffeine but I like it ...
Rooster · Review provided by walmart.com
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