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Previous iPhone user converted. (UPDATED)
November 15, 2021
This review previously had a ton of text and updates. But all I can say now, after many ups and downs and chances with this phone, is I s...
Tony Jones · Review provided by Google
Google Pixel 6 is a slap in the face. Why would you release a phone that's worse than the previous version?
April 26, 2022
I've been a die-hard Google fan since they came out with their phones. I've tried every brand of phone and I enjoyed Google phones the mo...
Rob Welch · Review provided by Google
This is a terrible phone, with terrible battery life and charging capability
August 04, 2022
I have been eyeing the pixel line for years. Contemplated making the switch from my Samsung many many times and was actually super excite...
Ari Blatt · Review provided by Google
I wouldn't buy another Pixel
August 05, 2022
Let me start by saying that I bought this phone because I had the Pixel 3 and was very happy with it. So when it was time for an upgrade ...
Paula Norberg · Review provided by Google
REALLY bad product considering it was released in 2021 by one of the biggest tech companies on earth
May 13, 2022
This phone is really bad. Every monthly update brings a new issue. I got this 4 months ago and have yet to be happy with it. I should've ...
A · Review provided by Google
Trash....stay away. Buy ANYTHING else.
July 22, 2022
Garbage. Absolutely the worst phone I've ever had to deal with. I'd honestly rather a flip phone. First off I've had other pixel's the 2 ...
Michael · Review provided by Google
A legacy of disappointment
July 19, 2022
TBH, I'm writing this review just to express my displeasure with Google as an early Pixel customer. I've had a Pixel 2, Pixel 5 and now a...
Timothy Beringer · Review provided by Google
Terrible I can't even use it to make a phone call
August 08, 2022
Major connectivity issues. I can NOT use it for the main function of making a phone call! Google ignores me and says they have never hear...
Tra41 · Review provided by vzw.com
More bugs then an abandoned candy factory
March 01, 2022
I loved my pixel 3a and so when it started to show issues after 2 years (and so many drops.. thank you otterbox) decided to upgrade to th...
Tseng · Review provided by vzw.com
Pixel 6 fingerprint reader is not what I would expect from Google qualify and customer focus
May 19, 2022
Up till the Pixel 6 I have been a fan of all things Google. I have owned the Pixel 2 and 4a and a week ago "upgraded" to Pixel 6. Nothing...
maxi36sailor · Review provided by vzw.com
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