Crazy fast, but hard to live
September 04, 2021
It's a really powerhouse and looks amazing. The screen is super clear and bright, but there are some small quirks that's just couldn't li...
Boostshakalaka · Review provided by
April 05, 2022
I am so disappointed with this computer and with lenovo in general. After only three months using this computer It started to get super s...
torturegirl · Review provided by
Great Specs! Unfortunately unlucky unit.
August 09, 2021
Fash shipping ordered and received it 2 days later. Unfortunately my unit's speakers did not function out of the box without crackling/po...
Canada4 · Review provided by
October 25, 2021
This Laptop is the greatest ever. So fast and efficient. I purchased this for work and for pleasure. I would recommend this model and any...
Timbo96 · Review provided by
High performance, bad battery and faulty display
November 09, 2021
The laptop has very good specs however battery lasts for about 1h30 just checking emails even in battery saver mode and with icue turned ...
Leonardo1 · Review provided by
October 22, 2021
Too much keyboard flex. Some keys pushed easier than others. It’s 2021. Stop keyboard flex. Go mechanical with the new cherry laptop swit...
Leon E · Review provided by
Locked BIOS no Advanced Menu. Coild whine!
December 18, 2021
Locked BIOS without Advanced Menu. Can't undervolt means stock Coil whine is massive. Severe light bleed.
Enantiopure · Review provided by
Frequent Drive Issues
April 27, 2022
Issues with drives becoming undetectable, needs multiple calls to support in order to resolve needing multiple factory resets. This would...
Jason777 · Review provided by
March 19, 2022
I returned my 7i due to a micro stuttering problem. I updated drivers, software, reset the bios, etc.
Zaazaa · Review provided by
Bad RGB and way to hot
October 27, 2021
Good laptop but cnat turn off RGB and it gets incredibly hot
Acesup · Review provided by
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