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Yes, many times
September 14, 2021
I have two ponds that connect, one receives the benefit of ariation from the water fall while the other only has the stream that feeds th...
SLW · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Cleared green water in 3 days
June 14, 2020
After 12 years, our small 250 gal pond had an algae bloom for the first time. We have a pressure filter with uv, and I used algaecide, bu...
Pond Artist · Review provided by thepondguy.com
A Freshened Pond
September 01, 2021
My small pond had been suffering from summer heat and sun. Although I was able to restrict algae growth with chemicals and water exchange...
Retired teacher · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Excellent and easy to install
June 22, 2020
This is a great little aerator. Comes with everything needed to deploy or install. I have small pond of about 2200 gallons on a good day ...
Hipshuter · Review provided by tractorsupply.com
Didn't last 10 months with limited use
April 18, 2019
I purchased the kit and rock cover. I assembled everything as suggested. I even put the unit on a raised flat paver stone to ensure it wo...
Sharon · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Beware!! the air line floats
April 13, 2020
Buyer Beware... I consider myself an informed shopper in that I read ALL THE FINE PRINT. It doesn't state that one has to figure out how ...
Bill · Review provided by thepondguy.com
My second of these
August 09, 2016
I have a series of 3 ponds at successively higher elevations that are linked so one feeds into another. The bottom most pond is around 70...
KsFisherman · Review provided by thepondguy.com
Plenty of flexibility
December 01, 2018
Recently purchased a home and prior homeowner had put in a pond and waterfall. 16 goldfish. I've no prior pond experience and am playing ...
PondNewbie · Review provided by thepondguy.com
A neccessity
October 21, 2017
This is my second aeration kit from the 'Pond Guy'. The first had 2 outlets, the new 4. My pond is small, 750 gal. The Koi multiplied too...
DD · Review provided by thepondguy.com
airmax 2 pond airation
July 02, 2016
I added comments about how my fish now survive and many different patterns and fin types, but I added these comments under the components...
pond lady · Review provided by thepondguy.com
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