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Great for small backyard in a city
October 27, 2020
We live in a city and have an 11'x15' concrete patio/backyard with concrete block walls. We wanted to find a firepit that was safe, small...
Adam · Review provided by solostove.com
It's good, but not great. Read why
January 23, 2021
Just received my bonfire today, and was super excited. After a long fire today, I like it, but am not as "in love" as I had hoped. As adv...
Eric · Review provided by solostove.com
Perfect time to get a Ranger
September 20, 2020
We have several family members that are at high risk for COVID due to age and health history so we're doing all our gatherings outside. M...
Rachel · Review provided by solostove.com
Nice with some caveats
October 04, 2020
Pros: very stylish, well built, nice carry case, very easy to get fire started and very appealing looking and efficient burn. Cons: expen...
Wade · Review provided by solostove.com
Perfect for us
January 02, 2021
We were a bit unsure what size we wanted but are so happy we went with the Bonfire. It is, in my opinion, plenty big enough for your aver...
Vanessa · Review provided by solostove.com
This would get an emphatic 5 from me if they designed a way to clean this out. Dry, no real chal...
May 03, 2021
This would get an emphatic 5 from me if they designed a way to clean this out. Dry, no real challenge as you can simply dump it or vacuum...
Grant · Review provided by Home Depot
Fire Pit Newbie
January 17, 2021
I bought Bonfire as a surprise gift for my family which includes 2 teens and 2 young adults all living with us during this pandemic. We h...
Shannon · Review provided by solostove.com
No smoke at all - Could be hotter
January 01, 2021
I love this product - it's lightweight, easy to lift and dump ashes, and then store back in its sturdy carrying case, and there really is...
Justin · Review provided by solostove.com
July 02, 2020
First, some criticisms... its heavier than I though it would be, not as portable as I'd like, but for sure is great for car camping. Even...
Steve · Review provided by solostove.com
Bonfire Review
April 06, 2020
I have used my solo stove bonfire twice since purchasing it.My initial impressions are positive. First of all,this device tremendously si...
Mike · Review provided by solostove.com
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