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Buyers Remorse
February 19, 2021
I purchased the bonfire pit in January due to their sale (that seems to still be happening) after hearing so many rave reviews about how ...
Amanda · Review provided by solostove.com
Works great but looks really bad after 1 season
April 19, 2021
The solo stove burns great. Smokeless after it gets a hot fire going. Better than all other conventional fire pits. That said, the exteri...
jk12647 · Review provided by Target
Dishonest company
October 14, 2020
Use EXTREME caution with this company. I purchased their LARGE fire pit, the Yukon, and they sent me their dinky little pit that was 9” t...
Darryl · Review provided by solostove.com
Not for the Backyard Enthusiast
February 09, 2021
I had really high hopes for this product based on the reviews and the serious thought that went into the design. My only reservation was ...
Matt · Review provided by solostove.com
Great fire.. poor overall product
February 24, 2020
Overall, I regret it and do not recommend it. I have used my Ranger fire pit, on camping trips, for about three months. Pros: - High qual...
John · Review provided by solostove.com
"Smokeless" is a lie
January 13, 2021
"Smokeless" means for the first 10 minutes, the smoke will be so bad that your neighbors and people around you with be so affected that y...
Jimmy · Review provided by solostove.com
Very POORLY made!
September 08, 2020
Don't waste your money on Solo Stove! I received the Bonfire fire pit with machine marks, bad weld, and bad grinding of the weld. It look...
Kurt · Review provided by solostove.com
Not for cold climates
October 26, 2020
It’s true that these do put out less smoke and fewer sparks than other fire pits, but they also put out very little heat. The double wall...
Sarah · Review provided by solostove.com
Very disappointed
December 12, 2020
Very Disappointed with the Company’s policy. Ordered early for Christmas. Orders many items including the Bonfire Bundle for my significa...
Robert · Review provided by solostove.com
WAY over hyped
March 30, 2020
I cant believe this thing reviews as well as it does. If your looking for a washing bowl with holes in it, then your in luck. if you are ...
Levi · Review provided by solostove.com
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