3,856 reviews
December 18, 2020
I came here to get the dimensions of this but had to leave a review because I am the biggest advocate for this product. This was the firs...
Bethany · Review provided by solostove.com
A premium outdoor fireplace experience
January 11, 2021
As a rule, I don't typically buy anything that turns up in my Facebook feed as an advertisement. The Solo Stove did however capture my in...
Tyler · Review provided by solostove.com
More Incinerator than Fire Pit
January 24, 2021
I wanted a fire pit to use when entertaining friends during Covid social distancing. I had concerns about the double wall construction of...
Jumpshot · Review provided by solostove.com
Buyers Remorse
February 19, 2021
I purchased the bonfire pit in January due to their sale (that seems to still be happening) after hearing so many rave reviews about how ...
Amanda · Review provided by solostove.com
Excellent Fire Pit
January 04, 2021
I was hesitant about spending this kind of money for a fire pit with so many cheaper options on the market however, I shouldn't have been...
Melissa · Review provided by solostove.com
I've Never Experienced Fire Quite Like This Before
January 05, 2021
I live on one acre of land amongst a forest of trees with the most beautiful husband-made fire pit in all of Jersey. We are a bonfire fam...
Anne · Review provided by solostove.com
It's good, but not great. Read why
January 23, 2021
Just received my bonfire today, and was super excited. After a long fire today, I like it, but am not as "in love" as I had hoped. As adv...
Eric · Review provided by solostove.com
awesome ... for many reasons
December 30, 2020
As advertised, the solo stove rocks. We used to use a typical "Greek shield" fire pit: a shallow, bronze bowl resting on a stand. While r...
John · Review provided by solostove.com
Great but...
January 05, 2021
First off, its a great almost smokeless fire pit. No doubts. However there are a couple lingering things that make me regret paying $300 ...
Winston · Review provided by solostove.com
Perfect for us
January 02, 2021
We were a bit unsure what size we wanted but are so happy we went with the Bonfire. It is, in my opinion, plenty big enough for your aver...
Vanessa · Review provided by solostove.com
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