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Not the same quantity. OtterBox in name only.
April 27, 2022
Much lower quality than previous OtterBox cases. The hard plastic is cheaper and the mold isn’t flush against my phone edges, especially ...
GrumpyPotoo · Review provided by OtterBox
Not what it seems
January 13, 2023
The lack of quality in this case was a big surprise. My old Defender saved my iPhone 5 from an entire year of abuse in a very bad climate...
TBlend · Review provided by OtterBox
Not a great experience overall
December 29, 2022
The case looks great but the buttons are not lined up good so they are hard to press. The shipping was a joke, for an entire week, I was ...
Jeff · Review provided by OtterBox
Won't buy OtterBox again
November 11, 2017
I've been using Otterbox since iPhone 3, and case quality is still great. It's their business practices that are tanking. Icons suggested...
Unsatisfied · Review provided by OtterBox
Otterbox case crack and broke at cord openings
November 22, 2021
I am disappointed with this case. I have had many other Otterbox cases. It is warranted but I have to pay the shipping and they only have...
Unhappy otterbox owner · Review provided by OtterBox
Ruined my new phone exterior including screen.
November 05, 2020
My screen is damaged due to things constantly getting behind the screen protector. Even with taking the cover off several times a day som...
Sharon · Review provided by walmart.com
customer service is non existent. no more warrant
February 12, 2023
customer service is non existent. no more warranty, and poor non functional website since merger of lifeproof. lifeproof was the best now...
customer service is non e · Review provided by OtterBox
Poor Quality.
November 15, 2016
I have had Otterbox cases for all of my devices currently I have the iPhone 7, iPod 6th generation and an iPad 3 mini. My previous device...
Nicole3912 · Review provided by OtterBox
Best Quality
February 09, 2021
No doubt, this Otter box is the best quality item on today's market. I purchased my first many years ago with my IPhone 6s. Of course nor...
Mack · Review provided by OtterBox
This holster sucks
August 18, 2017
I bought a Samsung 7s and I purchased an Otterbox thru them when I bought the phone in less than a week the clip broke off the holster. I...
· Review provided by OtterBox
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