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Wonderful fountain!
September 04, 2021
I purchased one similar to this and it broke within 1 hour, so I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this one. What a surprise! It works...
Aret · Review provided by ltdcommodities.com
June 28, 2021
I had one of these several years ago, from another provider, and loved it. But it finally wore down, so I bought this. It is JUST PERFECT...
sgtjsg · Review provided by ltdcommodities.com
Such a cool Fountain!
July 08, 2021
I put this in my bird bath, the birds love it and the sounds of the water. I think it is such a cool item, one thing I wish they would im...
Dedee · Review provided by collectionsetc.com
Fast Fountain $20
May 03, 2021
For the price of only $20, this is a super buy! I was surprised how well this little solar fountain works! Comes with 5 different sprays....
GretchenF · Review provided by ltdcommodities.com
Fountain is nice
July 03, 2021
The fountain I placed in the bird bath outside. I change the water every day. The fountain works best in direct sunlight but water evapor...
DUFFY · Review provided by collectionsetc.com
Little but mighty
August 21, 2021
After reading reviews I thought, why not? This little pump was ready to go. Give it a minute or so. The extra attachments are a nice extr...
Southernwife · Review provided by lakeside.com
I am buying this item again.
June 11, 2021
I have a large birdbath. I place a dish upside down, and place this unit on it. It does not float, and after I take it out of the water I...
Pam · Review provided by collectionsetc.com
June 25, 2021
I love this fountain and so do the birds! It really is a beautiful addition to my backyard. I have another birdbath so may purchase anoth...
ANIMAL LOVER · Review provided by collectionsetc.com
This fountain was worth the wait!
June 30, 2021
We put this fountain into the pond and it worked beautifully! It was fun to see how the water spurted from each head that came with the f...
machomustang · Review provided by collectionsetc.com
May 03, 2021
I like that I can change different flows. My only issue is the wind, which we can't control, empties my birdbath. Have to keep a close wa...
Joaane · Review provided by lakeside.com
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