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Great Gaming Laptop deal 2023
February 03, 2023
I love this laptop, I thought my previous laptop was OK, but the performance of this one is so much better. Screen is clear, and supports...
gameredwpart · Review provided by asus.com
Excellent screen quality, fast for price point
February 08, 2023
I was in the market for a replacement home PC laptop to replace our ten year old ASUS. Considering our previous ASUS lasted nearly a deca...
Svenjarlds · Review provided by asus.com
Incredible laptop from ASUS!
January 01, 2022
This laptop is excellent for gaming I've played multiple games on this laptop and it handled all of the games perfectly fine. Very little...
mrrobloxian · Review provided by ebay.com
First Impressions Great but Some Minor Annoyances
July 19, 2022
Overall great build quality and no major issues out of the box. Speeds good. Build quality is great. Keyboard is responsive and feels goo...
TontoTheWise · Review provided by asus.com
Amazing Performance, Amazing Price
August 23, 2020
I'll cut to the skinny. The TUF506IV-AS76 has an RTX 2060 Mobile GPU and a new Ryzen R7 4800H 8 core, 16 thread processor with 16GB of DD...
Alcatraz1015 · Review provided by asus.com
Awesome laptop
March 29, 2023
So I got this laptop on sale. This laptop is a great running device. All around it’s solid. I play long on it with long gaming sessions. ...
Nicholas54 · Review provided by asus.com
I came OVER!!
February 24, 2023
I have always been a Dell Computer fan for years. But watching that brand take a dive in their quality pushed me to look at alternatives....
ASUS LT-tictok · Review provided by asus.com
Great value for the money. I
October 10, 2020
I've had this machine for a week now and so far so good. You can play on high or ultra settings and still get great frame rates. It has a...
Jon B · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Yuuuge Upgrade!
December 17, 2022
I bought this right before Thanksgiving, and I don't regret it. This replaced my old laptop bought in 2016 and my "gaming" desktop purcha...
ericjagr42 · Review provided by asus.com
Great Gaming PC Value
January 06, 2021
I bought this laptop understanding that it was not a top of the line gaming PC. However, the specs it comes with and the performance I ha...
Ckingwevl1 · Review provided by asus.com
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