March 04, 2021
Dells are ok computers. My first ever computer was an HP Pavilion PC, and they've always been my favorite brand since then. I've had seve...
ieisha.a · Review provided by
Good laptop - Dead battery
January 29, 2021
The laptop I received from Zoom was well packaged and in acceptable cosmetic condition. Obviously used but very clean. The power adapter ...
Michael · Review provided by
New review
August 02, 2020
I think was a good deal. Came in pretty good condition charger had a few slits in it, just used black tape to wrap those marks up. Runs g...
Karl · Review provided by
December 18, 2020
Smart. Elegant. Insurance. Work from anywhere with a 14-inch laptop. Ideal laptop for business work. Long duration battery. I must say th...
angie.b · Review provided by
January 23, 2021
This is a great standard computer for any business user that requires Windows 10. Plastic construction allows it to be light weight while...
juan.v · Review provided by
October 18, 2020
My kids cracked the top half closing it too rough. I think if I could have the dell with a chrome cover , it would be perfect. But it has...
marcicia.a · Review provided by
Good Laptop
October 13, 2020
It is used so I knew what I was getting. But in the future I will only get a Laptop with a Keypad(for numbers) and has a 15.6in screen. O...
dfjack48 · Review provided by
July 20, 2021
For a laptop it’s not horrible but it could be better. Having a computer that has an i5 core isn’t something that interests me any since ...
roxana.m · Review provided by
Cannot say it as Value for Money
October 12, 2018
Product was great build , but the one I received : screen was little glared and looks whitened even when you reduce the brightness. For t...
Jetty · Review provided by
Not quite up to the standards of my past purchases from Joy Systems
June 25, 2019
Overall, if the power supplies do last and I don't have to replace under my own cost for my customer in a short amount of time, then I wo...
Ronald S. · Review provided by
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