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Great boot with horrible water 'resistance'
July 24, 2020
I really want to love these boots, and I do, except for one major flaw -- They have *zero* water protection. Zilch. Nada. Don't pay atten...
Jeremy · Review provided by revzilla.com
Comfortable but maybe not very durable
December 15, 2021
From a comfort standpoint these are incredible. Not sure I'm happy with the durability. Had some stitching come apart in the first 5 hour...
Tim · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
Very Comfortable, questionable protection
August 28, 2016
I bought these as a step up from my entry level Oneals after I had a near broken ankle while wearing my overly broke in Oneal's. These fe...
Dave · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
Poor buckle design - unsafe
October 11, 2014
I put about 60 hours of offroad use on these boots this last season. Some bushwacking, and 3 races. The boot is very comfortable and look...
PatrickMD · Review provided by revzilla.com
Wanted them to be as good as my old Tech 8's
July 03, 2017
Bought them as an update to more modern boots. They look OK, and as far as comfort goes, they're spot on. They are roomy. I don't like th...
WESTON · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
August 24, 2018
Great looking boots. Fit great . And they offer really good protection . Feels great on the feet out of the box break in time is not a is...
Ben · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
Below average for the price
January 24, 2016
I'm really torn on these boots. They're the second pair of Tech 7's I've had - very comfortable and the new cam over buckle system is SO ...
John · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
Sole durability issues
July 30, 2020
Great boots over all. The only problem I have with them is after having these boots for a year a small chunk was takeout at the arch and ...
Jared · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
not waterproof, not even close
August 11, 2017
I'm riding trails in the PNW, so it's wet...lots of puddles. The water get's in almost immediately after riding through any water deep en...
noah · Review provided by revzilla.com
Comfortable but Hot
July 25, 2017
These are the most comfortable boot I've worn. However they are the hottest and least waterproof that I've worn. They lasted me 2 years (...
Scott · Review provided by rockymountainatvmc.com
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