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This is a great CPU!
June 05, 2021
Pros: - Overclocks very well as long as youre willing to up the power limit appropriately - Very stable platform, which is the main reaso...
bradkman · Review provided by ebay.com
Star of the Build in my opinion!
August 16, 2021
CPU: i9-11900k (Haven't overclocked it yet) MoBo: MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Force GPU: MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio Case: Corsair ICUE 5000X RAM:...
Greg G. · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
Amazing blazing fast processor
August 30, 2022
I think Intel could tone down the packaging a bit, the thing is boxed like a Rolex and I could use the $10 or whatever rather than the we...
Lawrence · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Boost your entire PC Ecosystem!
May 21, 2021
I was skeptical of buying this CPU at first. There is a ton of negative and contradictory information on YouTube on this chip. I paired t...
Mike · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great Gaming CPU
April 14, 2021
I have the i9 11900K, got it on "Rocket Lake" release day, specifically for gaming as I wanted something new on the market. I since got t...
GPUZ · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Nice upgrade over i7 10700k
April 17, 2021
The i9 11900k is getting so much negative press lately. Its basically ice lake instead of sky lake cores (finally a different architectur...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
Don't believe the bad reviews, a most have!!!!!!!!
July 02, 2021
I was running the I-9 10gen for awhile and really enjoyed it, but I wanted to try the 11 gen. after reading many bad things about it, I h...
Ks85 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Power CPU takes a lot of power
October 26, 2022
It is a fast cpu, that made me have to change my psu along with my cooling system — I was using an air cooling i5 before and now I have t...
James · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Outstanding CPU
June 18, 2021
The 11th Gen Intel CPU’s are amazing. I have the i7 and i9 of the 11 Gen CPU’s. If you are going to spend the money for an i7. Spend a li...
GameCard · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Very fast CPU
May 24, 2021
This is very fast CPU. It works very well. I do not play games, but I am professional software developer and do something that needs fast...
Bing Z. · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
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