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As advertised! No Gimmick! Trustworthy!!!
January 06, 2021
I was very nervous to do business with Gift Pros.com because in General people have issues with 3rd party vendor access codes. BUT. Not w...
Kristian J. · Review provided by giftpros.com
PS Plus Activation Actually Worked!
October 18, 2020
I was a little hesitant purchasing a PS Plus 12 month membership from a company I never heard of. I did a quick search on google for PS+ ...
Jimi H. · Review provided by giftpros.com
12 months PlayStation plus
November 20, 2020
At the beginning I was very skeptical on buying the 12 month PlayStation plus card card because it was my first time using this website. ...
John P. · Review provided by giftpros.com
You really get 1 year for this discounted price. This is my 2nd year of purchasing it. The price went up a little so you better get it now.
August 24, 2021
It is true! You really get 1 year for this price. This is my 2nd year of purchasing it. The price went up a little so you better get it n...
red-sherry · Review provided by ebay.com
So far so good
December 18, 2020
I purchased the discounted PS Plus membership. I was a little hesitant and skeptical to buy through a 3rd party site, but everything went...
Gwen · Review provided by giftpros.com
PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership
August 22, 2020
Great buy! My son is always asking me to get him a PlayStation Plus Membership so when I came across this one on GiftPros.com at almost h...
Cassandra D. · Review provided by giftpros.com
Save money get the same membership as full price subscription.
August 19, 2021
Excellant. Great Value Savings. Access codes arrived immediately. Added a year to the ongoing membership subscription. No restrictions, w...
johnbays · Review provided by ebay.com
Seriously check it out
November 22, 2020
I thought it was a scam its not its amazing. I have been paying 59.99 for a year of playstation plus since the midnight drop of ps4 they ...
James S. · Review provided by giftpros.com
Skeptic at first.
November 19, 2020
$30.99 for a 12 month PlayStation Plus membership?! you go to be kidding me! nope!!! iWas a bit sketch at first, but after calling the cu...
Mark F. · Review provided by giftpros.com
Code works perfectly but having to pay for online access still blows
January 14, 2019
Coming from the free PSN service on PS3 and openness of PC, I was honestly not happy about now having to pay for network access, and stil...
kylekliss · Review provided by ebay.com
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