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January 02, 2021
I wish this fountain doesn’t flash water to the surrounding area as much. I have to constantly refill the water. Other than that, this is...
Amber · Review provided by wayfair.ca
August 22, 2020
Great looking and when it worked the sound was wonderful. Pump stopped working after 3 weeks, so I had to purchase a new one. Otherwise, ...
Heidi · Review provided by wayfair.com
August 30, 2020
I loved this so much, I bought it again; however, it did crack and lost water fast. Hope the new one is sturdier
Mary · Review provided by wayfair.com
November 08, 2020
It was wonderful for a few months, but now it doesn’t work. It could be that our local water is bad and I should have used filtered.
Kim · Review provided by wayfair.ca
August 24, 2020
Works perfect and looks great however the water flows so fast it’s like running bath water vs soothing sound.
Tamra · Review provided by wayfair.ca
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