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Play this game when it releases Holiday 2022
July 22, 2022
This game isn’t even out yet and I already see someone trying to trash it without even doing their research first. This game is being mad...
Metamorphmagi · Review provided by walmart.com
Just play the game
May 24, 2022
The game is forecasted to be released during the 2022 Holiday season. Anyone who presumes to know the plot or agenda of a game that has n...
Yackov · Review provided by walmart.com
Can't wait to play this game
January 23, 2023
I have been watching every video about this game, leading up to release. I have to say, from what i see, I can't wait to play this game. ...
Jane · Review provided by walmart.com
May 22, 2022
Amazing IP and story line. Written by an amazing, strong and courageous woman. Not sure what that negative review is about. Couldn’t reco...
Truthful · Review provided by walmart.com
Hot garbage
April 30, 2022
Not worth it - bad writing, overused IP, used to prop up a transphobic agenda. Nothing in this game is worth experiencing. Wouldn't even ...
Jae · Review provided by walmart.com
Extremely Good Movie and Videogame Franchise
January 07, 2023
I love the Harry Potter franchise, I have all the books, and have read them multiple times, along with watching the movies multiple times.
Adam · Review provided by walmart.com
Not Bad
May 11, 2022
Saw a review that said it was used to prop up transphobic agenda, thats just stupid this is by people who gave nothing to do with Rowling...
Christopher · Review provided by walmart.com
Just fantastic
January 12, 2023
Great game beautifully stunning graphics and a open world you’ll never want to leave
rickey · Review provided by walmart.com
May 17, 2022
giving 5 stars to hekp with the bad review that people just want to talk garbage about a game they know nothing about.
Timothy · Review provided by walmart.com
The wait is all most over.
March 21, 2022
I've been waiting for this game to come out for 2 years. Let's hope that it's as good as they say it is.
samuel · Review provided by mightyape.com.au
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