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It'll charge, just don't step heavily near it
December 16, 2022
It's only just OK. It'll charge your devices, but it can be extremely annoying to locate the proper placement to get a connection, and ev...
Steiny · Review provided by samsung.com
Great charger lacks watch charge
August 30, 2022
when i first saw this on the website i was very happy that samsung made this. i'm tired of all the charger all over the house every room ...
· Review provided by samsung.com
No problems here
June 17, 2022
i read the negative reviews and have to think a number of ?s. is there some poor production control or a lot of counterfeit items out the...
BigFig · Review provided by samsung.com
Slow charger
September 29, 2022
initially bought to charge my new watch. very quickly found out it wouldn't work with the samsung galaxy watch 5 pro default band that it...
Wish I could return it · Review provided by samsung.com
Best Wireless Charger Available!
December 24, 2021
i was looking to buy this charger, decided to read the reviews first. i was very surprised and in disbelief of what people were saying. i...
tjhjw · Review provided by samsung.com
Nice design. Not the most practical.
May 14, 2022
I think its very good, and tidys up your charging area. It works fine, but is alot slower charge than plugging your devices in individual...
Finn88 · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung knowingly Sold Defective Charger
August 11, 2021
i was initially ecstatic about getting this charger. i happily placed my order & it actually arrived 3 days earlier than expected. my exc...
thbvianyc · Review provided by samsung.com
Do not buy
September 09, 2022
byer beware. this charger will only work with samsung branded cord and wall plug. if either of these are not samsung this charger will no...
Mama73 · Review provided by samsung.com
Nice charger works well, can take time to detect.
December 23, 2022
Does the job charges multiple devices at once and looks nice on the bedside table, my only issue with it is how long it takes to start ch...
AlexAEA · Review provided by samsung.com
Very Limited
October 21, 2022
Takes up quite a bit of space on a bedside table. A stand-up design would be more compact. This design is also utterly useless for anyone...
Mr Mac · Review provided by samsung.com
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