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Xyron 150 Sticker Maker Refill
January 04, 2022
Excellent product. I love my sticker maker. I can turn anything I punch, or cut out into an instant sticker. No messy glue, no wait time,...
Darlene · Review provided by xyron.com
Great adhesive
December 11, 2021
The adhesive applies well and works great, like all Xyron products. At times I struggle with getting the tape to pull out of the small di...
Margaret · Review provided by xyron.com
October 05, 2021
Fits perfectly.My name is Jean, Dan's mom. I live in Canada so had it shipped to Dan in USA then he shipped it to me. Looking forward to ...
Dan · Review provided by xyron.com
Easy to use
July 19, 2021
The Xyron sticker maker refill insert is super easy to remove and replace. Very intuitive and straightforward. I enjoy using the little m...
Hilary · Review provided by xyron.com
Great product but ...
October 18, 2021
I am a collage artist and this is a tight, trustworthy product. Refill INSTRUCTIONS however need considerable clarification.
Carole · Review provided by xyron.com
Manufacturer needs to add a warning stripe
January 25, 2019
I really enjoy using these refills in the sticker maker. The only downfall, there is no warning line or notice when you are getting to th...
Lorian · Review provided by officesupply.com
February 26, 2014
I was skeptical at Xyron's claim to easiness when buying this product. However, my experience has been nothing but pleasant. This product...
lisa.l · Review provided by influenster.com
October 09, 2021
I don't use my xyron every day. But when I do. It's better then using glue in small places and don't get my fingers sticky.
Barbara · Review provided by xyron.com
January 28, 2015
Recently purchased the Xyron X Sticker Maker - and quickly learned that this refill cartridge is essential! The product is so easy to rep...
amanda.d · Review provided by influenster.com
Scrapbook and Card Neccesity
September 28, 2021
Sticker maker is a great product/tool it secures paper to paper.....no mess!
Laughing Scrapbooker · Review provided by xyron.com
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