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OK Joe Longhorn Combo Grill
December 24, 2021
I think the idea is good. The implemented product should be better. The issues are: The gas burners are way to hot even if one at its low...
OKJcollector · Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
Not the best value for the money
November 04, 2022
I've had this grill for just over a year. It was gifted to me as a house-warming present. It is constructed out of much thicker steel tha...
PRMason08 · Review provided by fleetfarm.com
Mechanic special
June 13, 2022
I should have paid more attention to the bad reviews. The smoker firebox has gaps everywhere you look impossible to get it to run below 3...
· Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
One Heavy Longhorn!!!
March 18, 2022
I recieved the Longhorn Grill as a gift for Fathers Day. I love the grill and smoker. They work very well for their intended purpoose and...
JT Nau · Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
Fantastic grill, not a bad smoker and saves space
January 22, 2022
Fantastic grill, I was worried that a 3 burner grill would be small since I use gas several times a week on average, but it's very deep a...
AZSquatch · Review provided by tractorsupply.com
Jack of all Trades
January 13, 2022
I received this as a gift. It seemed to check all of the boxes for a perfect outdoor cooking setup. Smoking, Charcoal, Propane all the th...
Oklahoma Jack · Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
Nice Combo
October 30, 2022
I bought this thing a couple of weeks ago and have worked with it 3 times now. I have used the gas side twice and smoked my very first ri...
Gerry1957 · Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
Very Disappointing !
May 18, 2022
I originally purchased this exact model from Academy Sports just under 4 years ago. Today I just wheeled it out to the road to be picked ...
Bob55 · Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
June 15, 2022
I had alway wanted a smoker but I also like the convenience of having a gas grill. I bought my Oklahoma Joe's combo grill 2 years ago fro...
FL Chuck · Review provided by oklahomajoes.com
Don’t walk away from it RUN!!
June 13, 2022
The 2 piece firebox of the smoker has no seal therefore allowing the charcoal to gain air and run way hotter than smoking calls for. The ...
· Review provided by tractorsupply.com
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