118 reviews
Worth Every Penny
December 17, 2022
Someone suggested my health problems could be due to dehydration, so I bought these items from a discount retailer just to try them out. ...
ReHydro · Review provided by Holland & Barrett
Green Tea Extract
February 22, 2023
I bought these as I am very sensitive to green tea extract and many hydration tablets have it in nowadays. The ingredients list on the pr...
Hannah · Review provided by Holland & Barrett
Marathon training hydration
March 19, 2023
I take one tablet with 500ml in the 30 minutes prior to a long run and these keep me hydrated throughout. I don’t think I could ever have...
Alex · Review provided by Holland & Barrett
August 10, 2022
Sis Electrolytes are good to use to re-hydrate and take before/during training. I can recommend the Lemon Flavour it tastes nice and i fr...
Armani · Review provided by xmiles.co.uk
OK if on a budget
January 22, 2022
I've used SiS electrolyte tabs for a while, until I tried another brand. The taste is minimal which is great if you don't want to upset y...
Dan · Review provided by xmiles.co.uk
Pre and post run hydration
June 21, 2022
Great to hydrate before a long run and replace electrolytes lost after a long run/ race. Love the lemon flavour as it’s easy to drink and...
Kate L. · Review provided by aidstation.com.au
SIS Cola electrolyte tabs
February 01, 2023
I just love these tabs - the cola flavour is so easy to drink, and the number of tablets in a tube make these great value for money. Supe...
R.H. · Review provided by sportsfuel.co.nz
Easy hydration
February 28, 2023
I use one tablet every morning to maintain optimum body function. It tastes just like lemon squash so is super easy to drink. Very good v...
Lola · Review provided by Holland & Barrett
Good for cramp
March 20, 2021
I bought these out of desperation, I have had severe bouts of cramp all my life. In the past I have been prescribed quinine tablets which...
Pete 1949 · Review provided by Holland & Barrett
Three sleeps until Christmas
November 28, 2022
My cricketing performance has never been at such heights before I dropped a few of these in the bottle, though I struggle to sleep if I h...
Conor C. · Review provided by pushys.com.au
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