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Was a fan at first
November 01, 2019
I was a die hard Apple junkie but with my work requiring to be on the phone and people complaining about being muffeled sounding, I switc...
SEC0609 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great Features, poor longevity and reliability
July 31, 2019
I pre-ordered the Note 8 before release and received the unlocked version. I am now out of warranty, so, no help from samsung. My Note 8 ...
TechAddictedT2T · Review provided by samsung.com
Great phone... build quality is horrifically bad
April 03, 2018
I've been working in the mobile industry for over 15 years and have had nearly every phone imaginable. I never had a protective case. I'v...
ryb73il · Review provided by samsung.com
Excellent phone with a couple flaws
April 29, 2018
This phone is a beast, great screen, fast, powers through everything I can want. But it's has two flaws. The first is a major problem, ba...
Shelbyfan · Review provided by samsung.com
A Disappointment
August 17, 2017
I have been waiting for the Note 8 since getting and returning the Note 7. For what it was worth I loved the Note 7 and hated to have to ...
JayZandMe · Review provided by samsung.com
October 22, 2019
For the 1st year and a half it worked great but then it started to shut off. Later I figured out the cause was due to the battery overhea...
DEANNI · Review provided by sprint.com
Note 4 is Better in some ways and it should not BE!
November 18, 2017
First Samsung rewards makes things too hard to get what they promise. Phone is way too expensive and then denies your promotion. Samsung ...
washerebefore · Review provided by samsung.com
A lot of downsides I hadn't thought of.
August 19, 2018
Should have thought of these sort of things before I purchased, but, because of the loop on the back, in a Loopy case my phone won't fit ...
Chuck F. · Review provided by loopycases.com
Note 8 camera has problem with lights
October 20, 2017
If you are trying to get new GALAXY NOTE 8, you should be aware of below items. 1. WHITE DOTS floating around at night time. The size and...
Briannyc3 · Review provided by samsung.com
Good but not great
June 25, 2018
I like the idea of the product. As a man with somewhat large hands I use my middle finger to hold the loopy with. With the size of these ...
Chris C. · Review provided by loopycases.com
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