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Great Quality + EZ Install TV Mount For My 65" TV
April 11, 2021
This onn. Full Motion, TV Mount is made to mount flatscreen TV'S measuring 50"-86" and a weight of up to 100 pounds, to the wall. It's ex...
Tanyakirk74 · Review provided by walmart.com
Solid and Reliable Product
April 12, 2021
onn. may be a newer brand name in the electronics market, yet they have some of the best products, with quality workmanship and durabilit...
chuckiedee22 · Review provided by walmart.com
installed in minutes
April 15, 2021
The ONN Extra Wide Full Motion TV Wall Mount can hold tvs from 50 inches up to 86 inches and the weight holds up to 120 pounds. The box c...
Hallie · Review provided by walmart.com
Easy to install
April 23, 2021
My husband and I just upgraded to a 65” in our Livingroom. It’s much larger than our previous flat screen and looked awkward on a stand o...
Brit · Review provided by walmart.com
Quality control non-existent. Missing screw.
November 28, 2022
Quality control is non-existent. An M6 12mm screw was missing. An M6 is a screw based on the metric system, so it was not available at Ho...
Mark · Review provided by walmart.com
HORRIBLE- DO NOT BUY-WE LOST (2) new 65 "tvs
September 28, 2022
I would give it a ZERO!!!!! We initially purchased a 65 inch brand new Sony T.V. from Best Buy . There was some problem with the installa...
lori · Review provided by walmart.com
Excellent TV mount !!!
January 10, 2022
This mount has excellent installation instructions. comes with multiple pieces of hardware (machine bolts, washers, spacers, etc) to fit ...
scott · Review provided by walmart.com
Surprisingly sturdy and easy to assemble.
May 31, 2020
ONN is blowing my mind lately with their products! First of all, I was extremely intimidated about putting together a full motion TV moun...
Hanori · Review provided by walmart.com
Second Time Was Great!!!
March 01, 2021
My initial experience with this product was not good. So there I was excited to leave Walmart and mount my tv on my wall, I had already p...
David · Review provided by walmart.com
Awesome Mount Template, Solid Mount Altogether
December 31, 2022
Solid mount, easy to assemble. Crazy to think the best part of this mount is a piece of paper… The paper template they give you is so per...
Morgan · Review provided by walmart.com
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