Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
March 04, 2021
Display It has vivid colours and reasonably bright for outdoor conditions, Infinity O punch hole is subjective but overall display is ver...
Oberoicredo · Review provided by
Good Smartphone
September 23, 2021
This is my 3rd Samsung Smartphone. Overall it is a Good, Budget Friendly Smartphone! Pros: I like the 64 GB, that provides plenty of room...
PurpleRoses · Review provided by
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
May 24, 2021
...if you want a smaller size, marginally faster handset and decent display.The Amoled screen is stunning, and the UI is more than adequa...
Jennifleur · Review provided by
Some issues with this one
February 25, 2022
When I first bought it and plugged it in to fully charge it like all other electronics and updated it again all the first day and I spent...
Kitkat41 · Review provided by
New Samsung 32
December 06, 2021
After using it for few weeks, I'm starting to not like it. There's no button other than the power button to turn on & off the screen. It'...
boogied88 · Review provided by
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
October 30, 2020
Great screen and an attractive looking design in spite of it being plastic, but everything else is good enough or underwhelming. Bottom l...
Alfalfalaffa · Review provided by
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
January 05, 2020
camera quality drops drastically when zooming or in lesser bright areas personally nudges are inconvenient, multiple apps cant fill the w...
Krischy · Review provided by
Good but not great
March 13, 2022
i really want to love this phone but the more i use it, the less i like it. when i first bought this to replace a 5 year old moto g4 i wa...
BGSU · Review provided by
Follow up to my previous review
February 03, 2022
I purchaesed this Samsung A32 phone because tracfone said I had to replace my 4G cellphone. They failed to mention I can upgrade my old c...
· Review provided by
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
June 08, 2021
received this phone on christmas day. my experience with this phone is lower than i expected. the performance isnt all that great compare...
DiegoP · Review provided by
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