Could Never Activate
December 24, 2021
I would not recommend purchasing this phone or staying with Tracfone, especially if you live in a rural or any area serviced only by AT&T...
Jim1976 · Review provided by
Great budget Samsung phone
April 08, 2022
This phone feels about right -- nice screen, perfect size and decent camera. I've had S series and note series Samsung phones in the past...
Schmacko · Review provided by
Excellent value phone !
November 14, 2021
I bought this as an upgrade to my previous Samsung A3 and I am really very pleased. The screen is a good resolution for most people and i...
· Review provided by
Needs a lot of work1
October 29, 2021
I purchased a Galaxy A32 after my Pixel 3 stopped charging in Aug '21. Every day I have owned this phone it has found a new way to irrita...
ClockworkOrange · Review provided by
A32 is the worst phone i have ever owned
April 15, 2022
Recently broke my Motorola Moto G stylus and needed a new phone and didnt want to spend $300+ on a new one... as a Samsung fan, i have s...
Brian Boatright · Review provided by Google
November 10, 2021
As a long time Samsung mobile user, I have very disappointed with this once. The fingerprint scanner is next to useless for starters whic...
GCLynda · Review provided by
Scrambled Screen of Death - 2 different GAL A32
January 01, 2022
Horrible experience - we are returning these immediately. My wife and I each bought the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone. Yesterday we activat...
0rchardGuy · Review provided by
Amazing Amazing Amazing
November 27, 2021
There should be nobody complaining about Samsung A32 5g ,this is the most unbelievable,Amazing, top quality phone and at a reasonable pri...
Sweets · Review provided by
Happy with my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone
July 04, 2022
I've only had this phone for about 5 weeks. So, I've used just the basic functions - calling, texting, emailing and accessing favorite ap...
Satisfied Customer · Review provided by
Worst phone ever.... I'll go back to Motorola, thanks
April 08, 2022
I hate this phone with a passion. I hate it so much, I think about how much I despise it when I'm not even using it. TouchPad is awful....
Jenny B · Review provided by Google
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