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January 13, 2009
This phone is an upgrade to an older Panasonic cordless phone. I researched cordless phones for quite a while and I came up with this one...
anhonestconsumer · Review provided by walmart.com
A Sunday morning nightmare
February 05, 2009
I LOVE call-screening, this idiotic phone doesn't allow you to screen a call through the handset while someone is leaving a message, with...
popotonno · Review provided by ebay.com
These are awful phones
May 28, 2009
I had Panasonic cordless phones, which unfortunately needed to be replaced. I purchased these new phones as replacements. Other than bein...
QueenRules · Review provided by walmart.com
December 22, 2011
Have purchased several TV's from Walmart and am very pleased. The phones are another story. The instructions are terrible and couldn't ge...
Aceame · Review provided by walmart.com
VERY suseptible to voltage fluctuations
October 10, 2008
I bought one of these based on the Panasonic brand and it's features. It was great for about 6 weeks, then the base station went out. We ...
Foxfire1 · Review provided by walmart.com
Terrible sound quality
July 24, 2008
The interference is so bad that these phones are essentially unusable for me. I tried placing the base unit well away from any other devi...
Emily C. · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
RANGE was not as specified.
November 03, 2011
Phones are NOT anything special. The range was much shorter and weaker than I had hoped! I bought them so I could take one unit to my gar...
gunrunner54 · Review provided by ebay.com
Not what I was expecting
October 16, 2009
These phones have excellent sound quality and are user friendly. The range is horrible. I have a one floor home and these phones lose con...
jdkmd · Review provided by walmart.com
Not Good
December 08, 2008
My sight is poor & I purchased it because the heys are large which is good. Now I can not read the coller ID the cover is covered with a ...
sunnbunn · Review provided by walmart.com
Cordless phone
November 19, 2010
Described as a new product. The batteries were old as they would not hold a charge so that you could not use the handsets.
va-155 · Review provided by ebay.com
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