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Ok Card
October 11, 2020
I purchased 2 of these cards to use in a workstation. Unfortunately, I had to return both cards... Both cards performed well when it came...
Henry · Review provided by newegg.com
Hynix Memory
April 10, 2022
Runs hynix so doesn't overclock quite as well as those with samsung or micron. Also bios is locked so cannot be flashed with palit or msi...
Spoonroe · Review provided by Micro Center
Great mid level card for 1 monitor
April 03, 2021
Purchased this several months ago when they became available. Runs everything great at 1080, stays cool and quiet. My only complaint is t...
Richard W · Review provided by Micro Center
Metal Side Panel Delivered Bent But Most Likely is a Good Video Card
August 31, 2020
The graphics card has the potential to overclock more than other branded 1660 Supers and it comes in with great performance for a relativ...
Uma A. · Review provided by newegg.com
Powerful as any other GPU, but it runs too hot
September 27, 2020
I kinda regret not doing more thorough research before buying this card. It's a shame, cause it really is a powerful card. If it just had...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
Not too bad
April 03, 2021
Nice price that makes it an attractive card. In comparison to PNY 1660 OC (XLR8 I believe) not as good performance wise. Due to the scarc...
CreditGuy · Review provided by Best Buy
Out of date
January 28, 2021
It is not a bad product for the price. However, with the advent of the 3000 series and the modern day Graphics Card demands I would not r...
John F · Review provided by Micro Center
1080p 180hz
February 06, 2021
A pretty decent card for gaming at 1080p 120hz at medium detail. Comes with 1 HDMI, 1 Display port and 1 DVI port and supports G Sync via...
Daxterbeer · Review provided by Micro Center
Solid but overpriced
November 11, 2021
Overpiced, but it works. Asus always makes solid products.
Elvis · Review provided by Best Buy
Requires High airflow case
September 23, 2020
I’m still okay with the card even though it runs hot I haven’t experienced any crash. But two to three are a must nowadays.
D. East · Review provided by newegg.com
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