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Cute BUT the face is peeling in 3 weeks!
January 20, 2023
My son is a big time fidget fan. Of all kinds! So when I sent Santa my annual follow up to the Christmas list received email, I suggested...
UnicornWarrior Fairy · Review provided by Target
Such A Fun Toy
February 27, 2022
Little Live Pets Sunny is an adorable interactive chameleon pet that changes color and makes fun sounds. With over 30+ sounds and emotion...
Kel6891 · Review provided by moosetoys.com
So sweet
July 24, 2022
NOVA is such a sweet interactive toy that my kids adore. They play with it every day and take care of it as if it were a real pet. There’...
Daniellejr98 · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Such a fun toy
August 08, 2022
We love the Little Live Pets - Bright Light Chameleon - Sunny. We have had to rename him as we have a hamster called Sunny. My little boy...
sbear12 · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Small defect in ours but great toy
May 28, 2022
Really cute, soft, suction cups work very well, make fun noises. Kids like the springy tail. Both my kids 3 and 7 love it. Does a lot of ...
Krystal · Review provided by Target
Cheap paint, daughter in tears
May 15, 2022
It took one hour before the eyelashes and pink head paint had holes in it and were wearing off. One very teary 4 year old as she worked h...
Bob27 · Review provided by Smyths Toys
So cute!
December 01, 2021
I love this toy just as much as my kid does! I love how it lights up so bright! I love how it does so much! It lights up when it hears mu...
carebear4547 · Review provided by moosetoys.com
Super Cute!
December 08, 2021
This Little Live Pets (Chameleon Sunny) is so cute. My daughter loves it! She was so excited that it makes noise. And that depending on t...
Swqueen2000 · Review provided by moosetoys.com
Pass on this one
January 07, 2023
My 6 year old child was obsessed with this toy carrying it everywhere even sleeping with it, but it's very demanding needing constant att...
AReviewer · Review provided by Target
April 21, 2022
Within 2 hrs of purchasing this toy…… chosen as a treat by our granddaughter…..the Red touch area on its nose wore off, and the area arou...
Grandad80 · Review provided by Smyths Toys
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