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Grass is super lush and green and weeds gone
May 09, 2022
I normally go with a local greenhouses program for fertilizer, but due to the increase in fertilizer costs I chose to go a different rout...
Ben L · Review provided by scotts.com
Great scotts product and great for homeowners
November 17, 2021
Scotts turfbuilder is one of Scotts better weed/feed products with the bonus of some bug control. I had good results with this product, I...
35jcoll35 · Review provided by scotts.com
November 12, 2021
Since I live in Mobile, Alabama , we have high humidity, hot days in summer, and plenty of weeds. I have a very large front lawn and a sm...
Wayne · Review provided by scotts.com
Greens and Thickens
May 11, 2022
Triple Action greens my fescue lawn very good and thickens the turf, but there isn't much weed killing action. Dandelions and various oth...
Jetman · Review provided by scotts.com
We always trust our lawn to Scotts!
October 20, 2020
We have been utilizing Scott's lawn products for lawn maintenance, feeding and weed management for 10 years now. Scott's Turf Builder Tri...
Hayleyc925 · Review provided by scotts.com
Not a great weed killer, good fertilizer bug kills
April 02, 2022
Spring came a little early this year with more weeds than normal throughout the lawn. So I figured I would try a three in one product to ...
AlexSC · Review provided by scotts.com
Seems to be working.
May 16, 2022
My yard was very neglected by previous owners. So it was about 75% weeds. I put this on in the fall and at the end if march this year whe...
Yamaharacer · Review provided by scotts.com
Hard to use during the fall season
October 20, 2020
Recieved couple weeks ago and was ready to put this product to the test! Our yard has been damaged by Moles, leaving our yard patchy. So ...
MDM76 · Review provided by scotts.com
Fall work done- waiting for Spring!
November 19, 2020
We were having a problem with browning and weeds in our small back yard. Looking for a solution to apply now (Fall) with hopes of a green...
MamaSue · Review provided by scotts.com
Pretty good
March 22, 2022
So I was excited to try this product and it seems it worked in the areas of killing weeds and the prevention of fire ants. Six months of ...
tbrjjt · Review provided by scotts.com
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