Not worth the money!
November 29, 2022
I bought this HP with the hopes of upgrading my old HP Desktop. With all the reviews, I thought this was perfect, I already had a great g...
StephenM · Review provided by
April 01, 2022
The computer was fast - very nice. However, it wouldn't stay connected to the internet and it blue screened on us. None of our other comp...
TERESA · Review provided by
It’s a VERY basic PC that crashes A LOT.
October 14, 2020
I love HP Desktop computers and have never bought any other brand over the last 25 years. This purchased model was a desperate buy, becau...
RENEE · Review provided by
The Worst Computer I've Ever Had
June 24, 2022
I use several HP computers for my company and this is definitely the worst I've owned. I've been using this computer for the past six mon...
MARY · Review provided by
TERRIBLE! Serious quality problem.
August 14, 2022
NOT WORK AT ALL AND CANNOT EXCHANGE AND RETURN SINCE JUST AFTER PURSHED 2-3 WEEKS! Very light using the computer, only 2 weeks later, the...
JIAYING · Review provided by
Disappointed with the HP hardware
October 07, 2020
I purchased this in the fall of 2019. You will have to deal directly with HP for problems, so be forewarned. My hard drive crashed sudden...
Caveat Emptor · Review provided by
May 11, 2022
I ignored the reviews saying that it won't stay connected to the internet. I cannot explain how annoying and time wasting this is. The se...
DJ · Review provided by
Very poor job HP
January 09, 2023
Was excited to get this PC (for the Ryzen 7) at this price. If you review previous questions on here people ask if the front USB C can be...
Deee · Review provided by
Model Number Not Recognized
July 22, 2020
This computer seems very slow for an i7 processor. Takes forever to do even small tasks. I even added an additional 8gb RAM and it still ...
mbran1 · Review provided by
August 15, 2022
I bought it a couple of years ago but the thing died after 6 months processor failure. Went to the hp tech for support because it had 3 m...
Anonymous · Review provided by
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