116 reviews
Expensive for the lack of use it gives. Plus it's HUGE!
January 19, 2023
I love that I still have capabilities to use and spen with my fold 4 but it is HUGE. It's def not easy to keep track of since there's no ...
Tee M. · Review provided by Google
Poor service for new screen protector
April 12, 2022
I have had my ZFold for 8 months now and I have thought it's great. Never was I to go back to the old school phone. Just recently the pro...
Markjh · Review provided by samsung.com
Great while it lasted!!
June 11, 2022
I do like the fold and the big screen but there are issues the biggest being after only a month of having the phone the main screen is no...
Spookytreez · Review provided by samsung.com
Very fragile but neat phone
October 24, 2021
Well with great anticipation I got my samsung z fold 3. It fits much smaller in my hand than my galaxy note 10 and quickly notice the wei...
BigEm · Review provided by samsung.com
New is always exciting.
January 13, 2022
It's OK. But got the price its not paying off yet. The keyboard constantly gets in the way of typing. The screen covers are no where to b...
Lil mary · Review provided by samsung.com
January 27, 2022
It folds into a bigger screen...cool af. However, it's bulky, it's heavy, it's awkward to use on either screen, and MOST IMPORTANTLY....i...
Long term customer · Review provided by samsung.com
Too awkward to use
August 20, 2022
I've always had pixel phones but decided to see what all the hype was about and make a switch. Let's just say, I am glad I didn't sell my...
Android guy · Review provided by samsung.com
Good concept
February 19, 2023
The concept is a good idea but needs to be improved massively. The foldable screen become useless after 14 months of little use, then the...
Johnmac77 · Review provided by samsung.com
Not a fan of the thickness of the phone
February 22, 2022
I got this phone less than 2 weeks ago and not too thrilled with it. It's too thick to fit in my pocket and the front screen is too skinn...
Hatethefoldz3 · Review provided by samsung.com
First and last samsung fold
October 13, 2021
Alot of the function that are demonstrated with the camera cannot be used unless you use samsung duo, which no one uses. The frame is sol...
Ryan · Review provided by samsung.com
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