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So hard to push the plunger but it works
March 19, 2022
The insecticide works great if you can actually push it out of the plunger. I had to use two hands and much force to the plunger to get t...
Barb · Review provided by combatbugs.com
tube hard to squeeze/ product usually works great
December 17, 2021
disappointed that it took an act of God to squeeze the plunger and took forever to get the stuff all around the kitchen cabinets. ive use...
picky19 · Review provided by walmart.com
Your best bet for consumer grade but....
August 28, 2017
Over the Shelf, this may be one of your best products. The active ingredient is on the right track but it is a little weak compared to wh...
CaTrekker · Review provided by Home Depot
50/50 chance!!! So 3.5 stars
March 19, 2020
It’s a 50/50 chance it will work. it worked at a family member house really good. They came out to eat it, and it slowed the traffic down...
FairButTrue · Review provided by Home Depot
It worked with the german roach, but not with the...
August 18, 2020
It worked with the german roach, but not with the smaller kind ( I don't know the name of that roach). I have seen a few after the applic...
HomeDepotCustomer · Review provided by Home Depot
It was alright. Nothing to rav...
December 12, 2020
It was alright. Nothing to rave about. It's jot natural. I wish it was more natural. I have a 11 month old baby. Very cautious
VeraV48376762 · Review provided by combatbugs.com
Okay but I'm not impressed
December 05, 2020
This is okay, but is not my preferred method to catch and kill cockroaches. I bought it this one time, but I don't believe I will purchas...
Janet · Review provided by walmart.com
September 24, 2019
It was dark brown, so it’s not subtle. It’s easy to apply and remove. I had no roaches for a day and then I had dead roaches for a few da...
christye.g · Review provided by influenster.com
Worked well. Would recommend t...
January 05, 2021
Worked well. Would recommend to people I know. Wish it was bigger
NatashaP49614321 · Review provided by combatbugs.com
January 27, 2020
It didn't really help too much. I do like that it's easy to keep away from children and pets. For the price I would have thought it would...
amanda.r · Review provided by influenster.com
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