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Gorgeous yet with flaws
October 31, 2021
Purchased the product a couple of months ago, and it has tons of things to like about it but also some noticeable flaws. The Good: 1) The...
1AlmightyPanda · Review provided by Samsung
Excellent - Has the features that count!
May 21, 2022
I've had mine only a week, and so far I love it. I traded in my 4 year old S9+, which I also loved, but only because the battery was gett...
Salo · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung S21+ 5G is a decent phone
May 23, 2022
I got this several months ago and this is my second attempt to write this (darn blockers) I upgraded from a Samsung S*+ and the S21+ is, ...
RKD13a · Review provided by samsung.com
Good, if you are prepared to accept the problems
May 01, 2022
Brilliant screen, ultra fast, superb battery life, brilliant finger print recognition, but there are also issues. Samsung phones have alw...
DP27 · Review provided by samsung.com
Bought this phone for work and reliability
April 08, 2022
Upgraded from my 4 years plus Samsung Galaxy S8. Before S8 I was using Galaxy Note 5 for 6 months, water damaged due to my negligence. So...
· Review provided by Samsung
Many small issues
February 03, 2022
Many flaws. I do not recommend it. I have been using it for 3 weeks and I am unsatisfied. - Bad battery life. A new phone should last 2 d...
ItsMe · Review provided by samsung.com
Known to over heat
March 01, 2022
Bought the s21 ultra from Samsung Austrlia store, easy to purchase and arrived 2 weeks before official release date. Takes amazing photos...
Hdsydneyau · Review provided by samsung.com
Superbly awesome phone (limited for Fan Edition)!
March 28, 2022
Superb phone with affordable price, catered for all demands of latest technologies. Elegant look with premium sensational GALAXY S-Class ...
· Review provided by Samsung
Great phone for the Price tag, Trust me!!
January 26, 2022
I got the 8Gb/128Gb variant for ₹47K from Samsung online store ( Bank offer + some coupons ) I got a free Samsung smart tag as well. Peo...
Sooraj Chr · Review provided by Google
Poor battery, disappointing pics, etc.
April 30, 2022
I upgraded from my s9 because I was charging my battery two or three times a day only to find that I need to charge my s21 FE 1 and 1/2 t...
Eddie · Review provided by samsung.com
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