March 07, 2022
I bought two phones for my in-laws. Clearly they weren't brand new, BUT they were in rather excellent condition. The thing that made me g...
· Review provided by
Too many apps
November 26, 2022
I read previous reviews but I did not see anyone mention Bixby app that I am unable to remove. Had anyone else mentioned this, and what a...
Tagg26 · Review provided by
Leaving Samsung Behind
October 05, 2021
I have been an avid Samsung user for 7 years. Preaching their superior products. I began with the S7, then S8, and now the S10e. My first...
Austin · Review provided by
good phone but issue with USB port connection
June 11, 2021
I started to use Galaxy 6-7 years ago. Generally I like the phone. I have the Galaxy S10e for less than 1 year, and the USB port connecti...
Galaxy Regular User · Review provided by
Your Phones
November 02, 2022
I like the Samsung Galaxy S10e, it is a nice phone, however it is loaded with a lot of apps that use a lot of power and the worst part is...
Nuts · Review provided by
Phone has messed up within 1 year.
October 06, 2022
The first phone of this model I had completely fried out with a year. It was under warranty and replaced with same model, new phone is no...
Nikki · Review provided by
July 22, 2020
Hello Influencer Readers, My name is Lia, I write reviews on this platform and also on my Instagram account at liasbeautyencounter. I hav...
lia.a · Review provided by
Good phone, appaling battery life.
January 28, 2020
i bought this phone very recently and i am extrememley satisfied with nearly all aspects of it/ great build quality, the design of the sl...
Dominic E · Review provided by
One week and disappointed
August 07, 2019
I was excited after reading reviews to upgrade my Galaxy S7 to the was time, I thought as mine was slowing down and a bit less ...
Gings · Review provided by
It's ok
November 18, 2019
I purchased this phone to upgrade my LTE service with the new network. Everything has been fine, until recently. Now the phone randomly t...
user7791 · Review provided by
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